is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that serves as a sanctuary for Indigenous Women, Children, and Families.  IMI host a consortium of programs, educational institutions, and organizations addressing the concerns of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples.

We develop viable solutions to empower our communities with Self-Reliance,

Improved Living Conditions, and Self-Sustainable Growth.

The Indira Institute for Indigenous Women and Children

An institution dedicated to promoting the complete wellness of Indigenous

Women and Children by developing programs of:

1)Holistic practices and alternative remedies to traditional pharmaceuticals and drugs

2)Healthy nutrition, Ionized Alkaline water and regular exercise regiments

3)Preventative healthcare & proper hydration lessons

4)Respectful etiquette, cultural enrichment education, and life skills development

The Mura Institute for Indigenous Research Studies

An Institution dedicated to researching, documenting, and archiving information

concerning the legacy and heritage of the local indigenous inhabitants known as

The Moundbuilders of Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah or “The Ancient Ones.”

The Truth Brary Book Tree

A repository of books, magazines, videos, pictures, databases and various other forms of media

that depict the legacy, heritage, and contributions of the local indigenous people known as the

Moundbuilders or “The Ancient Ones.”

The Indigenous Peoples’ Agricultural Development Programmes

A programme for the re-development of ancient natural methods for securing organic sources of the soil, foods, drinking water and herbal remedies vital for the restoration of good health to all peoples, with a special emphasis on ‘Indigenous Communities’ and their nutritional concerns.

The Indigenous Peoples’ African American Preservation Foundation

A foundation dedicated to addressing the cultural and health education needs of African Americans suffering

from debilitating mental diseases and physical ailments, with an emphasis on

the establishment of alternative healthcare centers and culturally-rich, outreach training centers.

Washatech Research Center of Aetheric Energy and Clean Technologies (WRC)

An institution conducting on-going research to develop

alternative energy systems that build on the work of Nikola Tesla

and environmental restoration technologies of Dr. Terou Higa’s Effective Microorganisms.

WRC conducts research in leading edge clean energy technology exploring the areas of hydrogen, solar, wind, geothermal, agri-, hydro-, etheric, and wave energy generation, storage and transmission. Our goal is the creation of a manufacturing base to train and employ a new generation of innovative scientists, technicians and engineers.

Indira Mura Institute of the World University, L.L.C.

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